Mental Photography, as we provide in ZOX Pro Training and Brain Management, has specialised abilities that builds a strong foundation for communication, and prepares your brain and mind for manifestation to be easier than ever before. Early testing proved that something significantly different was happening inside the brain as people used Mental Photography. Here are a few of the results of using Mental Photography:

Super excites all levels of consciousness at the same time, as your brain gains information at high speeds into your long term memory, and raises your overall energy and frequency.

Balances both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, causing high levels of communication across the corpus callosum – known as whole brain activation. Whole brain activation is the preferred state of mind to achieve for meditation and prayer.

Stimulates high production of brain chemicals and endorphins in the brain, which may cause sensations of well-being, similar to “runner’s high” – a natural high without needing drugs to get you there.

Stimulates production of dendrites – the memory storage located on nerve cells, providing more memory and access to memory. Typical memorization methods do not create this level of production.

Recent scientific findings also indicate…

Stimulating ongoing production of new brain cells and synapses from stem cells already residing within the brain.

Therefore, your brain is building and changing dynamically (Neuroplasticity) due to stimulation provided by Mental Photography. It gives you a stronger, more resilient brain, ready to take on any new challenges of manifesting a better life for yourself